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We collaborate with you and your team to implement tools that will help you uncover your customers’ unmet needs and launch compelling products and services.

Our chief mentor Michael Yacoub is an accredited Blue Ocean Strategy Consultant and helps organisations large and small to utilise a suite of world-class, proven, growth-focused strategic planning, innovation and implementation methods.

Transform your business into an effective operation and drive profit with our Brisbane & Gold Coast business coaching and mentoring services. 

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Coaching and mentoring begin with a focus on growth in every aspect of your business and life. This leads to the freedom and satisfying life you dreamed of when you made the decision to become an entrepreneur. We provide new or established businesses the structure, tools and support that gives you a fresh perspective and puts you on the fast track to achieve your ultimate goals. 

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Discover how you can create new and uncontested market space, leaving rivals behind while sustaining spectacular growth for your company utilising breakthrough strategies. We help SMEs to grow their businesses by identifying new market space opportunities and to improve their performance through innovation in products, services, processes, and business models.

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We create a strategic online presence that will deliver highly effective customer experiences and turn your business into an online sales machine! We strive to understand your market, your audience and your core business drivers in-depth, so that we can correlate every design and engineering decision directly back to helping you achieve your business goals.

Do You Want To Create Changes In Your Business That Will Drive Profit & Optimise Your Leadership?

Our business coaching services will help you shift your gears back into full throttle and propel your business to become profitable with infinite upside! Our thriving clients often cite our strategic innovation mentoring as a critical component of their success.

Results show that entrepreneurs who use our services reap the benefits of our strategic & Leadership approach, thus realising breakthrough value innovation into their operation.

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Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do – it’s a matter of being different at what you do.”

– Michael Porter

Our clients are awesome, we value and appreciate the opportunity to work with such amazing, talented teams. We work hard to ensure our clients achieve phenomenal success while running an effective, sustainable and profitable operation. We enjoy seeing the brilliance in you and your business! Here are just a few of our satisfied clients.  

Advantex360 transforms Lahana Swim from a 450k company to $2 million in just 9 months!

“We first met with Michael Yacoub from Advantex roughly 8 months ago. After our business ‘Lahanaswim’ started to really take of and gain a lot of momentum. We started to feel overwhelmed, in over our heads. We had no experience in business and needed HELP, advise or anything anyone could offer us. I googled, ‘Needing help with business on the Gold Coast’ and came across Advantex360. We than went in for a consultation and left feeling relieved. It didn’t take us long to research and look into the company to know we NEEDED them!

I was a little worried at fist, thinking they could be too corporate for a small business like Lahanaswim, but the support, mentorship and love Michael, Tanya and Oliver have put into our business has been overwhelming. The Mentoring / coaching from Advantex360 has not only worked on the foundations and ensuring the business works like a machine with no headaches, but also worked closely with staff development. Implementing new procedures, checklists and most importantly confidence and leadership skills.

Lahanaswim has now elevated to the next level, It has enabled both myself and my partner to step back, take a breather and focus on the strategic planning and direction of our company.

In the short 8 months, with the guidance and systems developed by Advantex we have hired and trained our entire team, put in place new systems and procedures, opened a storefront, launched a new digital development strategy which involved launching a new Global online portal for our customers and wholesale department. Featured in Magazines, Newspapers and Channel 7 News. Along with PR connections, sporting our new Lahana tribe members ‘The Kardashians.’

I cannot recommend this beautiful team enough. Thank you for your guidance and support.”

Vrindy Benson - Founder, LaHANASWIM

We have a manufacturing business on the Gold Coast and we were having a very rough patch, things were going in the wrong direction, sales were down, profitability was up the creek, and team morale was at its lowest!

Michael Yacoub came in to our business introduced proper business structure and systems. He then turned our attention to our greater goal introduced marketing strategies for both on line and off line and increased our sales by 450%.

Michael’s business coaching and mentoring improved our business tremendously.

Our life and lifestyle are now a bliss!

It was an absolute pleasure to have Michael Yacoub at our head office in Doha Qatar where he worked with our management team to develop our ERP-CRM & SRM platforms.

Michael is an outstanding business consultant, he introduced new ideas, great strategies and cost saving measures to our regional operation.

Michael also helped coach our team in the implementation process and installed change management channels which increased our output efficiency factor by 35%.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Yacoub and look forward to continue working with him.

From our very first meeting with Michael I knew he was going to be the right Business Consultant to assist us with our new start up business. Michael has an air of energy and enthusiasm which is contagious. He has assisted me in seeing our new business in a very different light with a realisation this is going to be an amazing journey for all of us.

Michael is like an Eveready battery, he just keeps on keeping on! His knowledge of Business in all areas including his philosophy is a complete package and he never ceases to amaze me. I would recommend Michael to anyone who requires mentoring and guidance or even if you need to be around someone who can give you a serving of Inspiration, you’ve found the right guy!

On behalf of the Board of Directors at Dominic Versace Wines, I take this opportunity to thank you for an electrifying delivery of our Strategic Plan. We now look forward to develop our business and brand positioning, to realise our shared vision and mission and to capitalise on over a century of fine winemaking tradition to establish Dominic Versace Wines as a multi award winning global brand.

Old man with wine in handDominic Versace & Armando Verdiglione, Directors - Dominic Versace Wines


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