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“Customers don’t count the number of ads you run or the number of newsletters you send; they just remember the impression you make when you interact with them” Michael Yacoub

I call sales;  Opportunity Development.” It’s more than a play on words – it’s a complete change in mindset about the concept of selling. The basics of opportunity development are simple: identify the value creation for your customer, design a step by step process, follow the steps, and forget about making the sale. Create a powerful customer experience that supports a message that runs consistently from opening a relationship with your customer through value creation that focuses on the prospect’s needs.

We will show you how to turn prospects into customers who will become loyal advocates and raving fans and will refer others to your business.

“If you are not converting your customer, your competitor will”
Michael Yacoub

Here are the essential ingredients that you will learn to create an opportunity development process that will increase your sales and lead to long-term customers:

1. Learn how to analyse your prospect’s experience from their first awareness through initial engagement with you. Discover how to design the experience based on your understanding of their needs and find out how to create a process to ensure that the same experience happens every time with every prospect.

2. Step by step process on engaging with your prospects. How to get to know them and show interest in them; And how to demonstrate that you care and sincerely want to satisfy their needs.

3. Learn how to determine your customer’s true needs and how to find out if the what you’re offering appeals to their need for the ultimate high-performance driving machine, or perhaps they simply think it’s sexy or shows that they’ve made it. The better you are at surfacing the true underlying emotional component of the buyer, the easier the conversion is.

4. Find out how you could help your customers make the purchase decision without overloading them with more than what they need to do so. Learn to zero in on what each customer’s needs are and carefully guide them so they feel supported in making their decision, not pressured.

5. Discover how to make the transaction part of the experience aligned with your promise and brand. And how to make it easy for them to refer you to their friends, associates and circle of influence.

“A sale is not something you chase; it is something that happens while you are engaged in solving a problem to your ideal customer.”   Michael Yacoub- The Success Coach

Since the technological revolution, the world has gone though a major development frenzy leading to the production of the vast number of products and services that we enjoy today. As the number of products, ideas and concepts have increased, so is the need to inform and convince others of their benefits and applications to personal and professional lives. Sales skills therefore have become a vital part of any successful business and organisation. The sophisticated sales industry active today has introduced new selling philosophies and pioneered modern techniques and sales methodologies.

Whether you are directly involved in sales as a salesperson or the production of these products or services, knowing how to sell is an incredibly useful skill. This comprehensive course, introduces traditional (influence-based) and modern (facilitative and consultative based) selling techniques and prepares the delegates for a variety of sales environments from retail and customer facing selling to sophisticated business-to-business trade involving large projects.

Psychology is one of the main components of this course. There is an emphasis on customer loyalty which is responsible for most sales and long term profitability of any business. As a salesperson you need to take specific steps (relying heavily on many psychological aspects) to create a loyal customer that keeps coming back to you time and again.

This course contains many exercises, roleplays, and guidelines to help the delegates master the sales skills during the course and start applying their newly acquired knowledge to their professional lives straight away. Bite sized group exercises are also provided that focus on specific concepts. These are then followed by more comprehensive sales exercises that help the delegates to put a series of smaller skills into practice and learn how to approach sale events as a whole.

Why People Buy?

  • What are sales myths?
  • What attitudes work best to make the most conversations?
  • What is the relationship between sales and marketing?
  • What makes people accept a salesperson’s offer?

What Framework Should You Follow When Selling?

  • What are the historical approaches to selling?
  • What steps should you follow explicitly to get results?
  • How to close a deal with ease?

What Strategies Should You Follow?

  • How to overcome objections?
  • How to produce a convincing presentation?
  • How to prepare for a sales activity and what should you pay attention to before attending a sales meeting to increase your chances of success?
  • How to manage your time effectively?
  • What are the historical sales strategies and how have they progressed through time?

What is The Best Way to Structure Your Sales Pitch?

  • What formula works best?
  • How to create a loyal customer by delivering a pitch directly targeted at them?
  • How to respond to a customer’s needs?

How to Use Modern Approaches of Selling?

  • What are the best strategies to use in business-to-business sales activities?
  • How to establish rapport and gain the trust of the customer?
  • What are the differences between modern and traditional sales techniques and how can you take advantage of these new trends?
  • How does a successful salesperson cope with changes in modern trading?

How to Present Yourself Optimally Using Psychology?

  • How does first impression work and how to take advantage of it?
  • How to read the body language of a customer and use your own body language to emphasise key points?
  • How to improve your listening skills?
  • How to appear more confident?

“Our online sales increased 400% in just four months by following Michael Yacoub’s simple sales strategies”
Paul & Helen Roworth – Just Coolers

You and your team will be able to:

  • Sell using a structured framework and have the right mentality to maximise your profit
  • Take advantage of modern sales techniques by understanding the difference between the traditional and modern methods
  • Focus on the customer’s needs and pitch your sale from the most efficient angle to get maximum results
  • Phrase your sentences efficiently when selling a product or an idea
  • Sell by focusing on the customer using effective modern selling frameworks
  • Use the power of the brain to optimise your sales activities
  • Read and use body language effectively to enhance your communication skills

Our Philosophy Behind The Advantex360 Sales Coaching

Selling is a fundamental skill in today’s progressively complicated market. Many new methods and techniques have been developed to prepare salespeople in facing the new challenges of the market, however not all of them are successful in their approach. The materials in this course have been developed based on the understanding that no single method can be the only solution and that a portfolio of solutions dedicated to different environments is needed.

Delegates are provided with a number of interactive exercises which have proven effective in addressing important principles of selling. Some exercises are extended and repeated at different stages of the course so that participants can review and improve their responses based on feedbacks they have received already and have another chance to go through the exercise again.

“I absolutely believe that if we were not coached by Michael Yacoub, we would never’ve reached our maximum capabilities and potential.”

Camilla Jansen – Managing Director, Business News Publications

We provide you with the missing link between the abstract aim of what you hope to achieve, and the implementation of proven successful methods and techniques to achieve your ultimate business and lifestyle goals.

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