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Founder & CEO Michael Yacoub

Business Coach

Virtually every high-achieving individual has a coach or mentor who asks them proactive questions, who elicits their greatness and who asks them provocative questions, who elicits their greatness and who challenges them to play at optimum level; a coach is their equaliser and champion, someone who believes in them and walks them outside their comfort zone where true success is a reality, not just a dream. Look, for example, at the greatest athletes of our times – individuals like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods; they all have coaches who help them unlock their potential and maximise their performance.
For the rest of us, coaching provides an avenue of inner abundance and unequivocal alignment between our life and business endeavours. For instance, some business people usually struggle with doing what others say they should do to become successful versus their own inner compass, which typically has a different desire; this is where they fall out of alignment. They constantly compare themselves to others, and say ‘yes’ to others people’s strategies while ignoring their own intuition; they fall out of alignment with their own genius and things get stuck; their energy is zapped, and their vision distorted, they feel that they are floating aimlessly like a wandering generalist.

In this instance, coaching gives them the key to finding a model that has a lot of the exact pieces that are in sync with their own desires, values and needs, and then customising them to fully align with their inner self and power. Only then they become unstoppable. Their genius is now well placed to assist them in unleashing their true potential, and thus they lead their life and business to success.

The greatest accomplishments in life can only be possible if we reprogram our mind by installing positive images into our subconscious and holding those pictures very clearly in our mind for a long period of time. Teaching individuals the strong ability to form a clear, precise, vivid mental picture in their mind of the things that they want to ‘be’, ‘do’, and ‘have’, powered by strong positive emotions, will have the greatest impact on what they become. By evoking the flowing of positive and creative emotional inspirations they can activate the best within them and reap the rewards of good health, knowledge, prosperity, harmony and an overall happy and blissful life at all times.

Coaching and consulting runs in my veins; I am passionate about what makes the difference in the quality of my clients’ lives and what ignites their success flame. Having experienced the blessings of being coached earlier in my professional life. I enjoy inspiring people to reach greater heights and attain a broader validation for what they do intuitively. Hence, my choice to get into coaching was fostered by the huge transformation in my own personal and leadership development journey at every stage. Coaching allowed me to think outside the box and to take calculated risks with huge rewards.

Naturally, I am driven by a deep desire to see others live fully, vibrantly and powerfully while being empowered, happy and free. I believe that as humans we choose to ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’ at varying levels. We are here to grow, expand and unfold mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally and financially. We have the indisputable right to fully develop and articulate the best within us by transforming the essence of our existence to a worthwhile cause. An important aspect in achieving that is seeking the advice of high performers, with proven track records, who can help us along the way.

As an aspiring tycoon from a very young age, I was one of eight children in a family that battled to make ends meet. I learnt the value of accumulating wealth early in life and grew up with a strong desire to be successful and wealthy. My first enterprise was at the age of 12, and I became a multi-millionaire by 45.

My success journey started in New York where I worked and studied to be an architect, graduating with top honours. While I started my professional life as an architect, I always had a passion for business development, public speaking and wealth creation.

I came to Australia 28 years ago with a very small amount of money, but with immense enthusiasm and a think-big attitude. I arrived at 7:30am, started working at an Adelaide architectural office at 8:30am, and was appointed the associate director of the firm within three months. My life since, has been an amazing success story.

Architecture taught me the powers of visualisation and starting with the end in mind, which proved to be a catalyst in shaping my future successes. While designing and developing numerous multi-million-dollar projects for others, I built my own castles in the clouds. Life as an architect was stimulating and nurturing, but with minimum financial rewards. This left me feeling inspired but at the same time disenchanted and mystified. With an overdrawn back account and a family with three children to support, I decided to move on.

I immediately started my first venture in South Australia in 1977 with my wife, capitalising on the telecoms boom by manufacturing leather cases for mobile phones and hand-held electronics. Soon after I purchased a large office warehouse building, the company grew in revenues exponentially from $50, 000 in the first quarter to more than $15 million within two years of operation. As an offshoot of my first business, I started one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, MPC Communications in 1999, with retail outlets and corporate sales offices across Australia. I also owned a number of Telstra retail shops and developed several other companies in business services, call centres and sales and marketing solutions.

In the meantime, I established Advantex International in 2001 as I saw a definite need for a coaching and consulting business to help small to medium enterprise owners grow and re-invent their business. In 2005 I sold the telecommunications, manufacturing and services companies in several multi-million dollar deals, to concentrate my efforts on Advantex International which later became A360 Coaching as we developed a 360-degree approach to a range of consultancy services for SME’s.

I’m grateful that success in business gave me the opportunity to make wonderful decisions, and to become fully invested in the current moment. It allowed me to add value to the lives of my loved ones and the people around me. Above all, I’m delighted that I have a creative wife and three bright highly educated children.

The Founder and CEO of Advantex360, Michael Yacoub has over 25 years’ experience in business development, strategic marketing, people’ leadership building and turn-key business operations. Over the last few decades Michael has founded several multimillion dollar business ventures, ranging from wholesale, retail, property development, health & wellness, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Utilising his considerable expertise to the advantage of his clients, Michael is often described as the success coach and an inspiration to the business owners he deals with. Michael says” my passion is to pass on my extensive knowledge to my clients to assist the building of brilliant businesses, primarily through strategic thinking and business development processes“.


  • Strong leadership skills with people and business development

  • Comprehensive understanding of the strategic management principles

  • Entrepreneurial with commercial acumen and excellent communication skills

  • A motivated team player with consultative and engaging team leadership

  • Results-oriented with a positive outlook and a clear focus on peak performance and business profit drivers


  • Australian Stock Exchange Operational Plan of the Year

  • Telstra Business of the Year Award

  • State Business of the Year

  • Business Excellence Award


  • Bachelor of Architecture, (USA) New York, Honours

  • MBA, University of Wollongong Dubai

  • Sydney School of Business ‘Beyond Survival’ Program

  • Strategic and Operational Planning Studies, Acumen International

  • Fast Track Business Development, South Australia

  • American Consultants League, Certificate of Business Consulting, USA

  • Business Coaching/Matrix Therapies and NLP Degree

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Accredited Consultant, Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

Our passion, dedication and love for innovation has helped us become trusted advisers to numerous SMEs and business leaders Australia wide. We look forward to helping you reach your maximum capabilities, unleash your true potential and turn your business into a highly profitable enterprise. – Michael Yacoub

Our A360 Coaching Team

A360 Coaching was established in 1993 and over the past 25 years has grown to become one of Australia’s most respected business consulting and coaching firms. A360 Coaching provides a full range of strategic planning, business model development, strategic innovation, business systems & business coaching services including:

  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Brand Genetics & Development
  • Online Strategic Solutions & Digital Strategy
  • Planning for Business Growth
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Business Development
  • Negotiation & Decision-Making
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Communication & Presentation Skills Coaching
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Formulation & Execution
  • Management Advisory & Mentoring

A360 Coaching has a demonstrated ability to add profitable value to a wide range of businesses with significant return on time and capital investment. We measure our success by the degree of percentage increase in business growth and value added to shareholders.

We work with clients to provide specialised skills and knowledge gained across many aspects of business leadership, strategic thinking and business operations. The A360 Coaching team possesses a considerable body of strategic knowledge and experience that have been pivotal in helping our clients achieve leaps in value for both the customers and the business owners.

A360 Coaching clients have experienced huge benefits in particular with Michael’s skills and abilities in improving the overall business performance and ensuring that the enterprise is on the right trajectory to profitability and success. He achieves that by creating a meaningful alignment along the hierarchy of the enterprise including; Business Purpose, People’s Purpose and Clients’ Value Proposition ensuring Mastery at all levels.

The essential role of the business owner is to optimise resources and make decisions.  Utilising the support of a professional adviser like Michael Yacoub is a more effective use of your resources than the alternative approach of trying to conquer all the challenges alone.

Employing the services of A360 Coaching can also be more effective for your return on time and capital investment, because the service is contracted for a specific task within an agreed time frame. This alleviates the problem of the business having to permanently dedicate one or more staff members to acquiring a particular body of knowledge.

As your strategic business advisers A360 Coaching is up to date with the latest value innovation techniques and developments and can suggest when and how these tools may be articulated for the benefit of your business. A360 Coaching plays an important role in bringing new and innovative ideas, tactics, and strategies to businesses in diverse industries, and we know from our own previous experience what works and what doesn’t, thus averting mistakes and optimising opportunities.

Business owners are usually caught in the daily management of their enterprise, A360 Coaching provides an alternative yet an enhanced point of view to that of the business owner. We employ a consultative and collaborative approach aimed at evaluating and discussing the merits of the problem at hand from a multi-dimensional perspective thus increasing the possibilities of attaining workable solutions.  By receiving a dispassionate and objective evaluation of your business venture you can make meaningful decisions and have ample time to optimise your resources which include; Time, Talent and Profits.

OLIVER BARANYDigital Marketing & Web design- Collaborator
Oliver Barany brings innovative ideas and breakthrough online solutions to our clients. Oliver Says, “Technology and online marketing is moving forward at a rapid pace, business owners that do not adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape will either lose to their competitors or worse yet, become obsolete”. With over 15 years’ experience in the digital space, Oliver has witnessed change after change in his
time. His goal is to drive new customers to your business and help establish you as an absolute leader online.
TANYA RISTICMarketing Communications - Collaborator
A360 Coaching is extremely fortunate to collaborate with Tanya Ristic who brings her enthusiasm and passion for Marketing to our clients. Tanya believes that today’s communication is all about how you deliver meaningful marketing ideas to consumers. Tanya says “Marketing is about communicating, connecting and touching lives by defining the difference you can make. We live in a society where technology allows us to communicate more than ever, yet how often do we really connect”? Tanya enjoys working with clients to create unique marketing opportunities by unveiling the essence of their ideas and communicating the story of how that translates into value for people in a marketplace.
JORDAN YACOUBMultimedia & Web Developer - Collaborator
A young gun equipped with the latest in digital marketing and multimedia technologies with expertise in innovative online solutions. Jordan worked with leading companies such as DAT Media working on digital advertising for Big W, Dan Murphy’s, Aldi and Coles. Jordan’s multimedia expertise has helped numerous Advantex clients transform their vision into a digital reality.

Double Your Sales and Revenue in Less Than 12 Months with Laser Focus on Strategic vale Innovation’ formulation and implementation. Take Action to Achieve Massive Results in All Areas of Your Business.

“Our winery has grown and evolved into an international enterprise thanks to the amazing work A360 Coaching has done for the past 3 years. As our business evolved and transformed, what we have valued most about our relationship is the profitable strategic shift that we were able to make with the help of Michael and his carefully chosen professional team. He constantly gives of himself 110+% and is genuinely and seriously concerned for the ultimate success of his clients”