Blue Ocean Leadership

We have spent the last 20 years assisting numerous corporate leaders as well as small and medium sized company owners multiply and grow their wealth and net worth through strategic leadership. Our Blue Ocean Leadership  methodology is developed through rigorous research and client work across a variety of industries and business types. We strongly believe that developing strong Blue Ocean Leadership capabilities is essential for the health of the organisation and for the benefit of the people and the society.

Do you want to create a leap in your leadership strength quickly and at low cost? 

Imagine tapping into a huge untapped ocean of talent and energy within your organization!

Our Blue Ocean Leadership coaching will help produce both qualitative benefits of greater alignment, increased motivation, more energy, and a talent pull, and qualitative benefits of lower turnover and recruiting costs, increased satisfaction, and stronger financial results.

Professional Advantage

Advantex360 offers measurable results, builds brand awareness, enhances cash flow and strengthens you and your team’s performance.

Our specialty range of services include performance and leadership consulting including Blue Ocean Strategy business solutions. We are proud to work with varying businesses from diverse professional backgrounds.

“Start with a spark, ignite your flame and become a true torch that changes and inspires the world.” – Michael Yacoub

Because we appreciate a deeper knowledge of the strategic thinking, tools and methodologies for success, we will ensure your journey through our business leadership program transforms your organisation into a winning culture. At Advantex360, it is not about a quick fix, it’s not about individual tactics or just one area of your business. It is about executing core strategies that interweave a holistic business approach to inspire you to ultimately lead to the optimum performance and profitability of your enterprise.

We are proud to work with clients to build human  capital, optimise performance and use breakthrough concepts with a deep understanding of the trends and patterns of successful strategic innovation.


Why Choose Us

  • We are trusted advisors to some of Australia’s best corporate leaders, sharing our extensive business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Our approach is to work with you and your company to unlock the value in your service/product, stay relevant to your customers, create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.
  • Experienced and award-winning business consulting team.
  • We genuinely believe our hard work and commitment to achieving success for our clients is not just a job, it’s a life mission.

What Client’s Say

Michael’s online strategies improved our web site traffic by 500% and allowed us to convert many online leads into great sales.
Paul Roworth, Just Coolers
Thank you Michael for turning our business around and increasing our profit immensely. You worked tirelessly with us through some challenging issues and effectively improved our business culture which was critical to the growth and development of our group.
Meyjitte Boughenout, Boom Boom Burgers

Our Guarantee

We don’t just provide business advice and solutions, we help our clients build a scalable, sustainable and profitable future. We guarantee that you’ll increase your net profit 25-45% within the first six months or we will refund your consulting fees!