How Business Coaching Works

Advantex360 business coaching clients enjoy a multitude of structured business improvement systems. These systems are voted as the leading SME business coaching methods by many of our loyal clients.

Advantex360 Business Improvement Systems are developed based on Best Business Practices and engineered by Michael Yacoub. Michael has built several multimillion dollar businesses in several industries utilizing these innovative systems.

These practices are designed to service, support, sustain and challenge the status quo in your business while inspiring your management to lead the required change and take the business to the next level.

The process starts with a Business Assessment and Analysis Report. The Report identifies and measures the following:

  • Operational and Management capabilities in 12 areas of your business
  • Your Business-Financial Performance
  • Employee, Customer and Supplier information gathering
  • External & Internal Communication Channels
  • Channels to Markert
  • Five-Pillar Reality Check

Our qualification is a track record of building and assisting in the development of numerous multimillion dollar operations. We deploy the “Think Big Mentality” so that you are able to see you Greater Goal!

The majority of our coaching sessions are face to face and follow up support is available via phone, email or Skype.

All our coaches are qualified by Advantex Best Business Practices and are mentored by Michael Yacoub the CEO and Founder of Advantex360.

Michael works directly with all business owners and will not take on more than seven major clients per year. He has hands on approach with amazing passion and fortitude for both Business and Leadership.

With Advantex International you’ve got the advantage and are assured of tangible profit increase of 24%-35% within four months.

“Advatex Business Coaching Solutions unlocked our potential and maximized our business performance. Michael and his team took into consideration the uniqueness of our existing skills, motivation and commitment to create radical shifts in our thinking and actions. The follow-up and support allowed us to expand our learning experience”.

“We’ve achieved a high level of leadership development that went beyond our boundaries and expectations..” – Jim & Louise Livingstone, Xrcise Fuel

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