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Imagine having an efficient and profitable business, and gaining access to a strategic business growth expert who shares with you the recipe for the ultimate success!

You are here because you want to be successful…

Your business mentor, Michael Yacoub and his team are based right here in Queensland with offices in both the Gold Coast & Brisbane. This means you will have one-on-one advice that goes far beyond regular business coaching and mentoring.  Your dedicated business mentor will work with you and your team to strategically assess the state of your enterprise from a 360 perspective  and deploy the tactics  to achieve sustainable and profitable growth results.

We specialise in helping small to medium businesses accelerate their business growth by becoming effective & profitable.

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Our Services


Business Growth

Grow your business with proven tactics that will turbo boost your company!

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Business Development

Advantex helps to develop an operational plan that is your road map to success!

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Branding & Innovation Strategy

Struggling to get noticed? Develop an innovative strategy that will help you stand out!

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Conduct your business and live on your own terms by mastering the art of negotiation!

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Out Think Your Competition

Powerful Blue Ocean tools and techniques that will make your competition irrelevant!

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Business Mastery

A mini MBA program covering financial leteracy, management and leadership!

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Business Coaching

Create a productive, energised, engaged team and improve your bottom line.

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How Business Coaching Works

Find the missing link and how to multiply your business performance

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Sales Coaching

Turn prospects from customers to loyal advocates and raving fans that will refer others to your business.

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Improvement in communication will inevitably lead to benefits for your team, your job and your personal life

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Want to be a leader in your business and personal life? Advantex can make this a reality!

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Creativity and Innovation

Do you think creatively? Discover your own creativity with our out of the box thinking!

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Do you freeze in front of large groups? Learn how to be a confident presenter!

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Goal Setting

Appreciate the power of goal setting and its impact on your success!

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Decision Making

Teaches a series of proven techniques that help you make tough decisions.

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How to Build a Referrable Business

The referral is one of the most powerful ways to build your business

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Time Management

Learn how to manage your time by setting goals to maximise productivity!

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Increase Profits

Gain power and momentum through simple and easy marketing plans!

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“Working with a highly talented strategic thinker like Michael Yacoub was the best strategic decision for Dominic Versace Wines and its brand”.

Armando Verdiglione – Managing Director, Dominic Versace Wines

man smiling while raising wine glass

I recently engaged Michael to assist me with the growth of my business, and I worked with him and his delightful team for some months. I was impressed with the entire process as they went above and beyond my expectations, working with me towards a common goal, of which I felt they invested in.

Michael is a very likeable and genuine person and business coaching sessions were filled with lots of laughter. He is very transparent and tells you exactly what he thinks, and his extensive knowledge of business shows through, and was invaluable.

I look forward to our next meeting and working on our next project together!

Tracy Leske, Cherish Property

We have a manufacturing business on the Gold Coast and we were having a very rough patch, things were going in the wrong direction, sales were down, profitability was up the creek, and team morale was at its lowest!

Michael Yacoub came in to our business introduced proper business structure and systems. He then turned our attention to our greater goal introduced marketing strategies for both on line and off line and increased our sales by 450%.

Michael’s business coaching and mentoring improved our business tremendously.

Our life and lifestyle are now a bliss!

Paul Roworth, Just Coolers

While searching for a strategic business coach, to help our Start Up company move to the next level,  we met Michael Yacoub.

We find Michael quite unique in the world of business, his values of honesty, integrity and a genuine and unwavering desire to bring out the best in people and their business, stand him apart from the masses. Michael’s commitment to our intense coaching and strategic planning program has been amazing. Both Louise and I happily acknowledge that without Michael’s invaluable assistance we could not have built a truly solid, scalable and sustainable business.

Xrcise Fuel will continue to draw on Michael’s vast expertise as the company grows.

Jim & Louise Livingstone, Xrcise Fuel


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