A senior operations manager from a major organisation in Brisbane was having major problems in her ability to get the best out of her team, and her behaviour at the head office and in meetings were raising serious signs of concern. Originally in admin and sales positions, she displayed many of the characteristics typical of the technical professional. She was intelligent and fast thinking with a sharp analytical approach to issues and believed that she would be rated highly by her line managers if she continually showed off her own expertise – even if this meant putting others down. She was intolerant of people who disagreed with her and this intolerance was extended to more senior managers as well as to members of her own team.

Impact of Coaching
Through peak performance impact coaching, she came to understand the source of this intolerance and to realise the effect that it was having on her career. She came to see that while people admired her intellect, they feared her ruthlessness and that her use of irony created distrust among her team. After five one to one coaching sessions with Michael Yacoub over a period of five months, she developed a more thoughtful approach to others. She also took the time to explain herself clearly rather than simply assuming that people had understood, and her interpersonal and people management skills had improved significantly. She was promoted to regional manager and has maintained the improvements that were initiated by the coaching.

Advantex360’s executive coaching adds immediate value to the profitability and performance of your organization building on vast expertise and research to create effective, long-lasting behavioural change in your leaders. We do that by:

  • Understanding the person and focusing the coaching on building on their strengths, using their preferred style of learning.
  • Helping the individual to identify and develop strategies for managing potential blind spots.
  • Delivering real and immediate value for the time and effort invested by your organisation.
  • Significantly improving the individual’s skills and behaviour so they are able to contribute more effectively to your organization’s performance