Andrew operates a successful wholesale business in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, Queensland, he says, ”When I started my business, I thought I knew it all. Having read the memoirs of all of the great leaders and subscribed to several business magazines and online channels, I thought leading a team and managing my business would be a breeze. The pain started upon launching my first business in 2014, soon after I was served with several nasty curveballs and had to tackle numerous setbacks that many founders face when going to market. Impediments and issues were galore including two failed partnerships, planning issues, contract disputes, HR issues, time management, growth issues, competitors and more. Going through the week was a real struggle”.

Peak Performance Leadership Coaching
Andrew adds, “I met Michael Yacoub in 2016 at an AmCham networking function in Brisbane. Our conversation took place organically and within a matter of weeks, he helped me reorganise my team and started a leadership program whilst repairing our business model. I was clueless about how critical my understanding of my role in the business would be to the success of my company until that moment. Michael taught me that I exist in my business to make decisions and optimise resources while my business exists is to innovate, market and operate! I also learnt how to increase productivity by outsourcing non-income-generating tasks and following up on deliverables whilst focusing on the big picture”.

Andrew concludes, “Within the next six months, the business was on track to shatter records financially and my mentoring relationship with Michael and his team continued. Michael was fully invested in my success and the leadership program opened my third eye for an in-focus vision and business growth path. I’m now the CEO of a $8 million business and experiencing exponential
growth. I valued Michael’s input and applied every strategy he mapped out. Earlier on Michael said to me’ I’m invested in your success as long as you show up, continue to grow and execute the
planned ideas”.

Leadership coaching brings a multitude of benefits for a company and its staff, increasing team effectiveness, improving employee relations, supporting strategic objectives and enhancing quality and productivity. Employees know what is expected of them and that they are valued and supported resulting in improved employee engagement and retention. Leadership coaching by A360 Coaching provides both high performance coaching and training that are evidence-based, targeted, and effective.