Outthink Your Competition

Innovation strategy liberates businesses from the costly battles of head-to-head competition to create untapped demand and profitable growth away from the competition. We help leaders create value innovation strategies for greater business growth. We believe that innovation starts with a strategic mind-set geared towards building a scalable foundation based on the principles and theories of Blue Ocean Strategy. You will learn skilful thinking and know how to apply it to create innovation in your business unit or company. You will learn how to create leaps in value for customers and breakthrough growth and profit.

Our breakthrough concepts train you to unlock the value in your business, stay relevant to your customers, create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.

“You will never again see your competitors in quite the same light” –

Carlos Ghosn- President & CEO, Nissan Motor Company

By applying Blue Ocean Strategy methodology to your business you will create defensible, uncontested market space.

Advantex360 is the first and only Accredited Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting Firm on the Gold Coast.

Engaging Michael Yacoub from Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting was the best decision we’ve ever made. Michael’s energy, knowledge and skilful approach to strategic thinking has lead Dominic Versace Wines to realise oceans of opportunity, and has inspired the DVW team to excel in every aspect of our enterprise. The Blue Ocean Strategy workshops have opened our eyes to the world and stretched our imagination beyond expectation. All of us at DVW are grateful to Michael and his team of professionals and excited at the prospect of achieving our vision to capitalize on our 100 plus years of fine wine-making tradition and establish Dominic Versace Wines as a multi award winning global brand.

Armando Verdiglione, Dominic Versace Wines
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