Business Development & Growth Strategies

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” – Winston Churchill

Advantex360 provides  specialised skills and extensive knowledge in all facets of company operations, customers, and internal/ external processes.

After reviewing  your business, we embark together on the formulation of the operational roadmap by:

  • Assisting senior management in aligning your mission, strategies and goals with the company purpose
  • Marketing strategy and business industry analysis
  • Business plans for either internal or external use
  • Establishing unique vale proposition, point of difference and profitable value across the company’s supply chain
  • Translating corporate directives into actionable and measurable activities in the areas of:
  • Marketing
  • Sales, including retail sales force, corporate field force and distribution
  • Production and Operations
  • HR, Training, Recruiting
  • Customer & Stakeholder Surveys

At the same time closely examining your company’s products, services, competitive and economic environment, in which it operates, and develop a contingency plan to ensure that your company’s Operational Plan is it’s road map to success.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

Truth is, if your business is not growing it’s going backwards. Business big and small go through the process of reinvention and growth regardless of the economic conditions.

Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities, our Business Growth program is tailored made to take your business to a higher level with proven tactics that will turbo boost your company and unleash your true potential. This program is full of business growth strategies and ideas that will ignite the flame of your business growth and expansion, you will definitely walk away with a solid plan that you can begin to implement in your business immediately.

What Does the Business Growth Program Include:

  • Which stage of the business cycle your business is in?
  • The top ten strategies of business growth
  • Oversights entrepreneurs and new business owners do before and after business expansion
  • How to create and execute your growth plan without spending huge amount of money
  • How to obtain bank finance, if you need it
  • Know which numbers to grow in your business
  • Learn how to integrate your eMarketing and marketing plan to achieve successful business growth
  • How to establish proper alignment between what you want from your business versus how to grow your business
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