Branding & Innovation Strategy

Advantex360 will assist you in amazing ways to improve your company’s capacity to innovate and project itself to your customers. Innovation is the act of conceiving and implementing a new way of achieving a result and/or performing work; a way of making things better and more relevant to customer needs. Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. It is the method by which a business positions and positively differentiates itself in the mind of the consumer. We assist in developing the skill within your business and your people to innovate your way to the minds of your customers and to implement strong branding strategies.

Innovation is not about new technology but rather about developing brands which meet the needs of customers more effectively than products or services currently on the market. Success at Innovation requires changing the culture of the business to focus on market needs and brand development rather than on short-term profit performance. The current economic climate has sharpened the focus on innovation and encouraged a strategic orientation towards innovative brands aiming at dominant positions in the market.  Advantex360 can assist in making innovation both meaningful and effective in your company by:

  • Ensuring your innovation is results-oriented and have specific results in mind, and the importance of the innovation to your brand name
  • Checking that the innovation has positive impact on other areas of your business. And identify the impact this innovation will have throughout your business system
  • Confirming that the innovation optimizer’s your brand and resources? And that the innovation creates more efficiency in your business
  • Creating a balanced input and output associated with the innovation so that it yields a reasonable outcome
  • Ensuring that innovation is easily understood and used by your staff
  • Monitoring and quantifying the impact of the innovation on your brand and all facets of your operation.

We recently went through an innovation process with a publishing client of ours that illustrates the process in a real life situation. They were intent on increasing referrals from other advertising agencies and were unhappy with the way their current system produced unpredictable results.

We first identified the specific desired outcome. We established that “More referrals” is too vague as an outcome. We needed to know exactly how many referrals needed to be made. Too many referrals could mean too much business for an office with space and staffing constraints. Too few referrals wouldn’t pay for the amount of employee time involved in making it happen. So we evaluated the financial implications and discovered that ten referrals a month was the optimum number for now. The following process was implemented with immediate results:

  • We started by making the system more efficient with a flow chart and an assessment report.
  • We ensured that the company is referable by identifying what problems the company solved for its clients. Then a clearly defined solution was broadcasted to engage and interact with the ideal client.
  • By evaluating the current system, we identified some quick fixes that would greatly enhance efficiency.
  • We changed the way referrals were documented from hand-written forms to an electronic form; we scheduled optimum times for outbound calls and introduced a filing and evaluation system that streamlined the call duration and tracking.
  • We scheduled more realistic call times during the normal working day, and thus they were able to solve some management issues.
  • We also built-in tracking and evaluation metrics for the management team to track on a monthly basis.
  • With quantifiable reporting done regularly, they are now able to determine if the original goal of two referrals is firstly, feasible with the new system innovations, and secondly if it’s the right number to aim for.

The results were astounding. In every business there is a system that should be innovated and your business is no exception! If you’re noticing an area in your business that is not producing outstanding results or if you think that your brand is not riding the current waves of innovation, give us a call and let’s talk! We guarantee your results.

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