The organisation had recognised the need to develop its teams’ managerial coaching skills to support the new corporate culture and business innovation pursuits. The business directors had also sensed that a silo system was being formed across the organisation that was hindering team collaboration across the business units.

A360 Coaching Solution:
A two-day Organisational Innovation and Coach Team Thinking Program were conducted for a group of 55 participants. This included staff from all business units including logistics, admin, HR, marketing, operations, branch managers, assistant branch managers, regional managers and bank Director levels. The training was centred on bringing about and engaging energies of a critical mass of people and involve them in a conversion to a draw out new ideas supported by a very efficient online ideation system. The energy spread like a fire to hay stack, bringing about fundamental change very quickly at low cost.

We followed the two-day training by a series of follow-up group coaching sessions, visual slide deck prompts, and integrated messaging from senior managers and directors.

The Organisational innovation process led to the implementation of a new organisational method and made noticeable positive impact on the team’s practices. This also led to an enhanced workplace collaboration and extended to external
relations. The training and coaching framework addressed the objective of common interest of promoting collaboration and Innovation. Our efforts were focused at enhancing the team’s economic efficiency by tackling well defined behavioural failures, which previously prevented the teams from reaching optimal level.

The process has been a resounding success. After 45 days, 79% of participants demonstrated managerial coaching practice adoption. 52% of those participants demonstrated high-level skill of collaboration adoption. Seven participants started Open Innovation process to extend their work to the marketplace. Building on the existing culture of caring for employees, the client has developed a true high-performance coaching culture.

One the directors called our office to report a shocking discovery, he said “Every marketing problem is becoming a project and team meetings are turning into collaborative think tank in a vibrant energy with team members from different business units taking turns on the whiteboard!

He added, “The Organisational Innovation and Coach Team Thinking Program was the mechanism we needed to help take our teams across the organisation to the next level.