In today’s fast moving technological and economical advances, the major challenges facing business owners are keeping their business fresh, attractive to the marketplace, and ahead of competitors. This necessitates investment in innovation which leads to developing new products and services, streamlining processes and branching into new markets.

Key Points

  • Many small business owners view strategy as a top-down plan rather than a company-wide conversation
  • The turning point for small business is to use innovation as a driver
  • Forward thinking business leaders creatively strive to increase knowledge and capabilities in their business

But how can business leaders find the energy, and inspiration to innovate and break through barriers to achieve growth and leap ahead of their competitors?

Achieving successful business growth requires an innovative vision, an ability to see where you want to be and how you want to get there. This innovation driven vision could involve anything from developing a more effective sales and marketing strategy to improving your operational performance and introducing new products satisfying new customer needs. It means taking a step back to see the bigger, brighter picture and developing a growth strategy which will drive the performance of your business forward and make your competition irrelevant.

Smart entrepreneurs know that to disrupt markets and grow faster than the competition, the design and delivery of ‘made to measure’ innovative strategy is key. They engineer their enterprise around their organisation’s unique processes and create the point of difference that customers and investors crave. They start by making growth through innovation a priority area for their business, then build a deep understanding of the operational and strategic moves that high growth companies need to deliver for the attainment of short, medium and long-term business goals.

To develop internal and external innovation moves in your company you need to enhance and empower your business leadership and management team to drive successful growth through innovation and ideation process. Forward thinking business leaders creatively strive to increase knowledge and capabilities in their business that will help create breakthrough results for their organisations.

“I recently engaged Michael to assist me with the growth of my business and was impressed with the entire process as they went above and beyond my expectations, working with me towards a common goal, of which I felt he was invested in. He is very transparent and tells you exactly what he thinks, and his extensive knowledge of business shows through, and was invaluable.” – Tracy Leske, Cherish Property.

Paul Roworth, the managing director at Just Coolers, manufactures neoprene promotional products for corporate events and functions. He turned to business coaching & mentoring as an approach after finding old ways of managing business no longer cut through.

“We have a manufacturing business in Queensland and we were having a very rough patch, things were going in the wrong direction, sales were down, profitability was up the creek, and team morale was at its lowest! Michael came in to our business introduced proper business structure and systems. He then turned our attention to our greater goal introduced marketing strategies for both on line and off line and increased our sales by 450%.” Paul Roworth – Kool4U.

How Smart Entrepreneurs Make Growth Through Innovation A Priority

  • Creating a forward thinking innovative culture throughout the business, unlocking creativity and realising new and differentiated ideas for products and services.
  • Learning how to commercialise new products, and how to find out about new funding and opportunities available to support their innovation projects.
  • Learning how to use practical tools and techniques to inject creativity and how to convert ideas into business value.
  • Gaining knowledge and expertise via one-to-one mentoring sessions from an expert business coach with proven track record of building multimillion dollar companies.
  • Participating in strategic thinking meetings and peer-to peer learning where they will benefit from shared ideas.
  • Spreading innovative thinking across their business and spark creativity in their team by encouraging new ideas thus developing an innovative organisation.
  • Building leadership and management through access to the leadership and management development programs
  • Understanding unmet customer needs via collaboration and partnering with suppliers and third part white label companies for innovation.
  • Understanding and protecting their IP.
  • Finding and winning grants for innovation.

The turning point for small business is to use innovation as a driver but it requires a total shift in leadership approach.

OurAccelerate360 Innovation Process® is created by Michael Yacoub and provides small and medium sized businesses with tools, coaching and mentoring, to help them grow and develop to achieve breakthrough results. The program helps business owners by:

  • Providing insights into how they can move forward with innovation and collaboration driven business growth.
  • Identifying obstacles that are holding them back.
  • Helping them develop strategic moves that lead to wealth creation and financial gains.
  • Assisting them in building a case for government grants and finding new sources of finance by making their business or idea investor attractive.
  • Helping them turn their most innovative ideas into profit.
  • Providing training and masterclasses to develop leadership and management

When you decide to build strategic and operational moves that will support your business growth and enhance innovation; our expert business mentoring will help you unravel your operational constraints, build talented teams and effective systems.  This will allow you to focus on front-end product development and getting new and innovative products and services to your market quickly. To learn more about the program, visit