How Advantex360 helped Xrcise Fuel ® create Australia’s first carbonated protein drink.

A Blue Ocean Strategic Move

The founders of Xrcise Fuel (XF) came to A360 Coaching with an idea and walked away five months later with a fully-fledged business, great brand and viable business model. The CEO of Advantex360, Michael Yacoub, worked tirelessly with the company directors to create XF as a blue ocean move complete with disruptive innovation, strategic online solution, branding and an effective profit model.

Michael’s input in the creation of XF was not limited to the strategic planning stage but was extended to the strategy execution and process implementation. These efforts resulted in setting out the business’ operational structure, a fully operational factory and a set of effective procedures and manuals including HR, CRM, sales, marketing, financial reporting, website,Qld innovation grant, and online strategy.

The CEO of XF Jim Livingstone says; ”Michael’s commitment to our intense coaching and strategic planning program has been amazing. His mentoring, guidance and creativity he provided has been a corner stone of the foundations of our business”

The challenge from the outset was; how to craft a functional drink in a highly competitive market place, create new demand, deliver value and low cost simultaneously whilst making the competition irrelevant. Michael & the XF team applied blue ocean strategy tools and frameworks over several workshops; looked across industries, across strategic groups, explored various value propositions and produced innovative nutri -infused sparkling protein drink formula to fill a gap in the existing ready to drink product market. The main aim was to create a new progressive company with a unique

Strategic Profile is the graphic depiction of a company’s strategy. It captures a company’s relative performance across the key competitive factors of an industry including price. This is also called a value curve. The framework used to capture the strategic profile (or value curve) of a company’s business or product/service is the Strategy Canvas.

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producing innovative products and thus Australia’s first sparkling protein drink with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and complex carbs is now being produced in Queensland by Xrcise Fuel Pty Ltd.

The Xrcise Fuel Business Model

Xrcise Fuel considers that its business model differs from that adopted by many sports or energy drinks businesses for a number of reasons including that:

Many sports/energy drinks companies produce high volume commoditised energy drinks products. In contrast, Xrcise Fuel is focussed on a targeted consumer base and a premium priced carbonated, 99% sugar free and caffeine free product. Many energy drink companies are capital intensive whereas Xrcise Fuel has total reliance on in-house processing facilities with a greater emphasis on operational, flexibility and quality control measures.

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